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Big Bang or Dream of God?
Which Story Better explains the universe?

Did creation arise in a distant Big Bang and come toward us? Or did creation instead arise from the One Mind and come from us? Is the universe an unmanned machine running along on its own power, or are we actually at the controls but do not know it?

Modern science has assumed that the entire physical world – from the tips of our fingers to the farthest galaxies—exists independently of the mind and operates beyond its control. But what if this Great Assumption is false? What if the independent physical world is nothing but a model to help scientists carry out experiments and test theories? Might it then make sense to take the model down and see if we can explain the world not as mind-independent machine but as a great dream in the one mind some call God?

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“In the Heaven at the End of Science, Philip Mereton presents a well-argued, strongly documented, and immensely readable critique of the world view we have come to associate with modern science. In addition, he proposes a bold cosmological hypothesis that he finds hospitable to the concerns of both science and religion. I strongly recommend this thoughtful book to anyone interested in these philosophically important matters.”

- Gary A. Cook, Professor Emeritus
of Philosophy, Beloit College

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